Errors In The Medical Field

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Medical transcription is a critical skill for administrative assistants; there are many rules which must be followed impeccably, making it difficult for beginners to become proficient. It is important to keep in mind, however, that even the most seasoned transcriptionists are prone to making mistakes. To ensure accuracy, it is critical to run through the audio clip and the text document several times; consequently, even the smallest of errors can jeopardize a patient’s health. For example, transcribing the incorrect measurements of a medication or other substance – there is a notable difference between a gram and a kilogram, for instance. Multiple mistakes also display carelessness, a disregard for the well-being of clients, and the reputation …show more content…

Insight about common medical terms, procedures, drug names, equipment, and other aspects of the medical field makes identifying ambiguous terms easier, especially in a spoken format, as demonstrated with transcription exercises. When all other resources are exhausted, figuring out the intended word or phrase in an area of confusion can be as simple as asking for a second opinion from those around you, whether it be a superior or a fellow colleague. Sometimes, when an audio file is replayed multiple times, it can become muddled to our ears; revisiting the transcription at a later time or asking someone with a well-trained ear can help decipher what the dictator is saying. The primary way to improve transcription skills is to practice; nevertheless, it is important to utilize the aforementioned suggestions for preventing errors, and to remember to not get discouraged when corrections need to be made. Medical transcription is a skill that is refined over time, and making mistakes is simply a part of the learning

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