Es & G And Ehs Management Practices

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In today’s business matter, numerous perspectives emphasize sustainability. Several environmental, social, and governance issues, including health and safety among other factors, have contributed to the diverse aspects of sustainability. The complex business reforms brought by the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS), including social and governance (ES&G) issues remain indistinctive in several disciplines. Some widespread proposals exist over the application of, ES&G and EHS management practices and methods. To understand sustainability, it is essential to discover how it has emerged and maintained a business focus. Sustainable Development In 1987, the term "sustainable development" was introduced in the World Commission on Environment…show more content…
Policymakers must consider a new development paradigm because it concerns public welfare. Future generations must be taken into account when creating these developments within the paradigm. Not only should the paradigm consider the interdependence of economic, social, and environmental dimensions, but also human needs must be met without compromising the future generation’s quality of life. One must observe that sustainability, is conceptually a broader interception of environmental, social, and economic issues. In 1989, William Rees, a professor with a creditable Ph.D. in population ecology, suggested that an agreeable universal definition of the concept “sustainable development” was precondition to developing acceptable policies and plans to support this concept. During the same year, Swedish doctor named Karl-Hendrick Robert, assembled a group of scientists and researchers. Similarly, he believed the term lacked practical sense, thus his mission was to reach a scientifically meaning for it. Subsequently, the research concluded that stainability is the capacity of the human society to continue indefinitely within the cycles of natural environment. A broad connotation on sustainable development created a complex
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