Escaping Life with my Father and Step-mother Essay

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It was a hot summer day in late August. From a distance, mirages of water painted the horizon from the heat of the black concrete road. the farmers fields glowed bright green with tall stalks of corn lined perfectly on both sides of the road. Beyond the field in the distance, vultures circled above a house I had once lived and a house that imprisoned my soul. One of the most vile people I had ever met still calls that house a home. My father takes residency and has spent his whole life there. Causing misery to any soul that decides to make their way to his doorstep. I feel empathy to this day for anyone who has to be in his presence. he's a monster that I wished didn't exist and the main reason I had to escape. At around 4 o'clock in the…show more content…
I closed up the flap of the box and taped the box back as well as I could. there were several tears of the cardboard where the original tape had ripped the cardboard apart. I didn't think this mattered so I placed the package back where it came from and decided I needed to take a shower. After 15 minutes of a warm and relaxing shower, I'm drying off and I hear a loud banging at the bathroom door. there were also muffled yelling from what I could make out was my father. i had a loud fan going so making out the words were impossible. I yelled "I can't hear what you are saying, I'll be out here in a second. I just need to put on some clothes" the banging stopped and I got dressed. I opened the door of the bathroom, turned around the corner and started to ask "what was going on" before I could get one syllable out of my mouth I felt a sharp painful blow to the left side of my jaw. the blow was so hard that I was rendered unconscious for a moment. I came to on the floor with one hand around the collar of my neck and a fist consistently hitting my face. Blood had started to cover the fist that was punching me. I couldn't make out who was causing me this pain due to the constant blows close to my eye socket. there was a moment they stopped to take a breath maybe? to admire what they had done? I will never know but in that moment my eyes focused and

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