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Case study I propose to you a case study on a pre-kindergarten English language learning student through qualitative research. My goal was to find out if he faces any problems with regards to his behavior, academic progress and attitudes towards his teachers, classmates and parents. His name is David and just recently came to the United States from Russia about two years ago. He has a complicated time understanding what goes on in his environment because of the language barrier. The one positive aspect for David is that my assistant in the class is Russian as well. Even though he has a hardship speaking the English language and understanding his peers, my assistant helps translate words from Russian to English for him and vice versa. …show more content…

They’ll have an idea of what he’s trying to say and finish the sentence for him. When an ELL is at such a young age they pick up language easier and their peers tend to help with the process more. At an older age students will lean towards being mean to an ELL and make fun of them rather than actually helping them learn the language. I set up an interview with his parents to discuss his progress and find out some information about David. A translator will be needed due to his parents not speaking English. I’ve asked the parents how David’s behavior is at home and how his attitude is towards his school work. I also asked his parents how he reacts when asked about his classmates and school in general. Is he excited to go to school? Does he like learning? Does he have any friends he talks to? After this, I discussed how David is in class including his behavior. He tries to participate sometimes in school and just sits quietly at times. I have noticed him trying to work harder and understand certain material. He will try to reply when spoken to in his best ability. When he is in a group whether it’s playing or working on a project he will attempt to converse with the others. During circle time he doesn’t pay too much attention because of him not understanding what is being said completely. When I read a story to the class it is most difficult for him because he doesn’t have enough English proficiency to

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