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As my group and I entered the convention center for the first time, I was unsure of what was to come. I hoped the 500 dollars I’d spent on hotels, costumes, and tickets was worth it. The event volunteers, referred to as “Guardians,” ushered us up an escalator into a line that went along the wall of a massive hallway so that we could pick up our tickets. As the line slowly pushed up around the corner into another hall, my group was struck by two realizations. The first was that what originally looked like a thirty-minute wait was actually going to take multiple hours judging by the ridiculous length of the line. But the second realization was better: this was going to be the best line we’ve ever been in. The line stretched down a massive …show more content…

Much to my surprise, about a minute after that group left, another person also wanted photos with us, and the pattern didn’t slow down; every few minutes, people stopped us to take pictures. Of course, cosplaying wasn’t free of repercussions. My wig was unreasonably tight (though I later learned it was adjustable), and my 3-D printed glasses kept down. On the bright side, I had it easy compared to my group. Korbyn’s costume was much thicker than mine, and the other three weapons were heavier and bulkier than my lightweight cane. Gabe had it worst of all- we made his massive sword out of wood; it was much heavier than a prop weapon should be. But as uncomfortable as cosplaying was, nothing felt more rewarding receiving compliments on what we had dedicated so much time and money to. After we made it through the line, we were given the Weekend Pass tickets we had purchased. That day and the next, we went to several panels to see our favorite internet personalities, which was incredible. But even though the panels were the main reason for us going to RTX, it wasn’t my main takeaway. The main thing that I learned from RTX was that there is a place where everyone can feel that they belong. While at RTX, I experienced a massive sense of community throughout the con which started as soon as I first stepped through the doors of the convention center. We all had one common interest, which made everyone you saw an instant friend. Everyone respected each

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