Essay About A Dumb Thing

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One day there were two guys that were bored, and they were about 23 years old and were trying to figure out something to do. They had no home and no money and they were best friends. There names were James and Jon. All of a sudden James had an idea running through his head so he then suggested it to Jon. ”Hey Jon,” said James. ”Wassup,do you have a smart or a dumb idea for us to do today?”said Jon. ”Um,It is a super dumb idea but it will do a lot to help us both and when I say a lot I really mean a lot!” said James. ”All right what is the idea you have?”said Jon. “I was thinking, we should maybe steal some food from a store and maybe you could be in front of him watching if he would call the cops. Then ask if you can make a …show more content…

They are planning to the storeabout to rob it. “Ok, we are here now here where should we start?”said James. “What are you talking about you're the one who made up the plan.”said Jon. “Oh yeah.So I am going to go to the food and drink section so you need to stop the cash register.”,said James. “Okay but…”,said Jon. “Bye”said James. Then Jon walks up to the cash register and asks to use his phone.Then the cash register says ok.After that Jon talks to his friend while james is stealing the food and drinks. Then Jon gives the phone back to the cash register and tackles him to the ground. Next a shopper came up to him and saw him pushing the cash register down and taking the money so the shopper tackled Jon to the ground. Later they both then here cop sirens and jon said let's get out of here!!” But then he saw Jon on the ground with a man on top of him holding him down. And the shopper asked “Why are you guys stealing that stuff?”Then they told him why. He let jon go and helped the cash register up. After that they started jolting with the stuff and the cop named zach saw them running and chased them on foot. “Stop running now its the police stop now!!”said Zach. “C’mon James go a little faster this was your idea!”said Jon. “I am trying!”,said James. “He is about to catch us lets go fast James into this alley.”,said Jon. “Stop now.”,said Zach. “OH NO WE ARE TRAPPED”,they both said. “Well I told you this was a bad idea Jon!”said James. “What are you

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