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The United States is and has been experiencing a nursing shortage for decades. The demand for registered nurses only increases as the Baby Boomer generation ages, current nurses retire, and the lack of nursing educators continues (Nursing Shortage). To compensate for the nursing shortage, the U.S. recruits qualified nurses from all over the world, including Taiwan, Korea, and India. Although foreign nurses come from a variety of countries, the large majority of foreign nurses working in the U.S. have originated from the Philippines (Choy 1). Filipino nurses emigrating to America is not a recent trend; but this migration has been taking place since the early 1900s when the U.S. first exported American nursing education throughout the Philippines (Choy 22). The U.S. tends to display their actions as benevolent and altruistic. However, it is evident that the United States’ motives were concerned with benefitting America—not the Philippines. The selfish exportation of American nursing education into the Philippines contributed to …show more content…

For starters, there was an advancement in required courses taught in Philippine nursing schools that were identical to subjects required in American nursing schools. Examples included specialized courses that focused on pediatrics, geriatrics, medicine, surgery, and advanced anatomy. In 1920, English became a mandatory portion of the board examination, contributing to 5% of the entire exam (Choy 43). Other American trends the Philippines followed included higher admission requirements to get into nursing school and developing nursing organizations that promoted public health (Choy 51). The U.S.’ interventions contributed to the vast majority of Filipinos having a strong desire to pursue education and career opportunities in the United States—a desire the U.S. would use to their

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