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Opening the front door, I saw disco lights blending everywhere with the soft light in the kitchen. The tantalizing aroma of my grandmother's Fufu and Eru - my favorite meal, hits me like a warm welcoming breeze. A hand molded ball of fermented ground cassava lay by thinly chopped vegetables glistening with palm oil and loaded with spicy beef and dried fish. "Ponnia, long time you look so big" echoed from every direction as I smiled and greeted my uncles and aunts, all eagerly waiting to enjoy my grandmother's excellent cooking. Gradually, notification sounds and shattering ringtones are replaced by meaningful conversations and soft African tunes in the background. Some of us sat at the dining table, on the stairs, and outside on the patio…show more content…
Additionally, I also visited the Melbourne Brain Centre where I observed the research performed on brains of both fetuses and adults and one of the studies that stood out was treating brain cancer with rabbit virus. I found it fascinating that rabbit virus can be a double edge sword by causing Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (VHD) and can be used against brain tumor cells. When the program concluded, I realized not only had I created long lasting friendships, but I now had a much greater understanding of neuroanatomy. My dream is to become a neurosurgeon, which means I need expert knowledge of the location and function of nerves. Thus, I’m choosing neuroscience as my major. While working as a Home Health Aide I had the pleasure to care for several elderly patients, but one patient piqued my curiosity because of her diagnosis – Alzheimer's disease. I had never encountered someone with this condition, so I was astonished that sometimes she didn’t even remember who I was. The distress I felt seeing my patient deteriorate made me curious not only about Alzheimer’s disease but also about the intricacy and complexities of the brain as a whole. Subsequently, this personal experience upsurged my interest in studying neuroscience and broadening my knowledge on this small but unique organ. One of my hobbies is traveling and combining that with volunteering
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