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Flying Liger
King Kong is a massive and mythical creature in the movie. King Kong, he slaughters people and destroyed city with it’s bare hand. But Sally Jung, who is called Dr. Bird, and Jim Chen, who is a zoologist specifically study liger, create another dangerous creature, Flying Liger, which is a combination of an eagle and liger. A flying liger is a good opponent to kill King Kong because it has massive size, fast speed, and the flying talent, and these abilities allowed flying liger slaughter King Kong easily. The thing that make flying liger a scary creature is their genes from liger.
Liger is the biggest cat in the world because it’s the combination of tiger and lion. Liger’ speed make him a scary beast. According to liger, Liger can run to 50mph which can calculating in to 80kph. The fastest gorilla in the world can reach the speed about 20mph plus King Kong have huge body, it cannot run like that fast, liger is way faster than Kin Kong. Ligers usually weigh around 900 pounds. These statistics clearly
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But not only the wings make eagles a unique and powerful creature. First, an eagle’s eyesight is the strongest in the animal kingdom. According to animal mom, eagle’s eyesight.html, the eyesight of an eagle is 4 to 8 times sharper and strong than humans, it can see movements from about 2 miles away. Eagles eyesight are good because it’s eyes are full of light sensing cells. Second, Strong wings and claws make eagle innate predatory creatures, the wings allow eagles to carry themselves and their preys, and the claws grab the prey deeply and never drop the prey. Lastly, it’s speed of flying make flying liger can move fast on the sky too. Eagles have a very fast speed when they are flying, they can fly 36 to 44 miles per hour, it’s similar as what can liger run on the land. If a scientist can combine these animals together, it’s going to be the most dangerous creatures in the
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