Essay About Freedom In School

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My friends and I were at school when we got the news.

“Guys I just got a notification” said Anna.

“What is it?” asked Monse

“Grey’s Anatomy was just banned!” Shouted Anna

We were all confused and devastated when Anna said this. In our country we didn’t have must justice and the only thing that was getting my friends and I past all this was our show. When I turned around so did everyone else around us.

“Are you sure that isn’t fake?” I asked “Let me see.”

“I'm sure Barbara check for yourself.” Anna said.

I grabbed her phone, she was right because people around us were getting the same notifications. I gave Anna her phone back.

“Ladies I would put the phone away that isn’t allowed in school campus.” Said the principal.

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“Girls go to bed now its late.” Said Stephanie’s mom

“Ok, goodnight Mrs.Barrera,” We said together.

We turned off the lights and went to sleep in our sleeping bags. I was still awake.

“Stephanie,” I whispered but no answer “Destiny,”

“Yes?” responded Destiny.

“I can’t sleep.” I said.

“Well I can goodnight.” said Destiny

I simled and laughed quietly. The rest of the night was silent. I layed there with shine of moonlight on my face. Eventually I fell asleep.

In the morning nobody said a word. We were focused on getting the signs and posters ready. It was 8:00 in the morning and Destiny’s mom was outside of Stephanie’s house in her Jeep.

“Hope on in girls.” Mrs. Rodriguez said.

“Good Morning mom.” responded Destiny.

“Good morning Mrs.Rodriguez.” we all said together.

“Good morning.” Said Mrs.Rodriguez.

The whole card ride was silent. We got to the town hall and Destiny’s mom dropped us off and went a few blocks down to the mall. To our surprise people were already there protesting. We got our signs and joined along. Everyone was protesting so loud I couldn’t hear myself. I saw Anna trying to tell us something but we couldn’t hear her.We were getting squished so that didn’t help. Then Everyone started to get silent. Police cars were surrounding the town hall.

“Guys the police is here,” Destiny whispered. “Let's find a way out.”

“I told you guys this was going to happen.” whispered Stephanie

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