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Hecate is a goddess, she is the goddess of magic,witchcraft,the night,the moon, and ghosts. Hecate has power over the earth, heaven, and sea, to conjure up dreams, prophecies, and phantoms. Hecate name means “The distant one”, even though she’s always around when you need her.
Hecates parents where cronus and Asteria and her grandparents were Uranus and Rhea.
“Hecate was the ONLY one out of the ancient titans who Zeus allowed to retain their authority once the olympians seized control.” Zeus share with Hecate the power of giving humanity what she wished or withhold it if she pleased. Hecate helped goddess Demeter in her search for her daughter Persephone. Hecate also helps womans on childbirth. She helps reduce the pains and restore the health and growth of the child. If a woman …show more content…

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The moral that we can learn from hecate is that even though her name means The distant one she's always around when you need her help or when you need her to protect you from the streets at night or when your giving birth. This means that we should never be distant from no one because someone may need our help and we need to be able to help them as well as some day we may need someone else's help and we would want them to be their helping us and supporting us for whatever reason.
The greeks and people from other nations come up with this myths because they were scared to go out at night, scared of ghosts and they wanted their new born babies to be healthy and grow with no problems, so they created a god to pray for those things and to feel that someone is protecting them when they were alone at night in the streets. This stories still exist today because there's people that still follows this culture and still prays to this types of gods/goddesses. Also because they believe that this gods/goddesses exist and is like their religion so they follow it and read stories about

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