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The real little rose hood story
Once upon a time, little Rose Hood decided to visit her grandmother for the weekend. Her mother told her to bring some of her special carrots to help on the business her grandmother was creating. That night little rose puts the carrots on her basket to make sure she will not forget it, as she falls asleep she feels a weird presence near her and she wonders if something may be telling her that tomorrow is going to go wrong.
The next morning, she opens the curtains and sees a wonderful hot, sunny blue sky and she wonders that there is no time to lose so she quickly dressed up, runs down stairs eat a fast breakfast and off she goes to visit her grandmother. When she stepped outside the house everything seems to be fine but after walking ten minutes …show more content…

After all it was dark but she was still able to arrive since the lights of her grandmother’s house were on. She knocks the door and wait, five minutes later she knocks again and waits, no one replied so she went through the back door and got in the house, but when she arrived at her grandmother’s room she found… THE WOLF! One of her biggest enemy. freaking out she didn’t know what to do or where to go but it seems like the wolf did not have any intention of wanting to eat her so, this is when the story begins.
We all know the story of “little red riding hood”, well this is the real story. usually the wolf eats the gramma and replaces her so she could get little red riding hood but in this story, everything is way different, the wolf tents to be the best friend of the grandmother but she had disappeared. The wolf tries to communicate with rose telling her that her grandmother had been captured by the rabbit and that the rabbit had tricked her to take a longer path so he could arrive before

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