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Big foot and monsters are mythical beasts that have always been seen as fairy tales. No one ever knows whether these legends exist or not. However some of the ancient legends might be truer than we believe. Mermaids are one of the legends that caught world’s attention for ages. A mermaid is said as a creature that is half human and half fish; they have lower body of a fish and the upper body of a normal human. According to the legend, mermaids are considered beautiful creatures and have attractive looks, blind by the good looks they overcome the scales and fish tail which someone would find repulsive. The word ‘mermaid’ brings the meaning of ‘mer’; the sea as in the ancient English, and ‘maid’ as the meaning of female. The big question here is do mermaids really exist or is it just a never ending myths? In this essay, you will know about the sighting reports about mermaid from many resources, and the reasons why mermaid cannot exist in this world. …show more content…

According to them, it was the merman, Oannes, which rise every day from the water and gave man knowledge, reasoning and brought writing, wisdom, science and other such civilization institutions. It was said that Oannes has been helping the Mesopotamian by advanced their development and helped man in technology.
The second sighting report was back in 1493, sailing off the coast of Hispaniola a town of fishermen, Christopher Columbus reported seeing the ‘female forms’ which are believed as a mermaid, when he was exploring at the island. However, it stated that the mermaid was not as beautiful as they are represented. The sighting were often recounted and shared by sailors and pirates who believed that mermaids brought bad luck. Mermaids were said to have an enchanting voices that would lure and would bewitch them into giving up their gold and dragging them to the bottom of the

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