Essay About My Birthday

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On Monday morning at 6:00am, I rose from a deep sleep ready to get the day started. Getting up I get dressed, eat breakfast, and head for the bus. At school everything is normal and calm, my friends keep asking me what I want for my birthday, which is Friday. I told them all I want is to stay home, sleep, and eat some candy. At the end of the day I get on the bus and head home. I got home around 4:00 pm, I got into the house headed upstairs to get comfortable and to use the bathroom. I went downstairs to get a snack and I see a letter on the counter, with my name on it. I take the letter with me upstairs with my snack. While eating my snack, I open up the letter and it states “ your sharp, aching death is upon you”. All I feel is an …show more content…

All of a sudden he starts running towards me, I stop in the road crying thinking that this was it, I’m really going to die. Crying my eyes out repeating out loud "This is really it death is running up to me," and I thought at any second I will be dead. I was looking forward not knowing which way the man was going to go. Running faster my way the man suddenly stopped in front of me. He stated, "It's almost that time". I stood in front of him crying my eyes out and when I saw the bus pull up, he started to walk away. Everything at school was normal, I went to class, lunch, and before I knew it it was the last period. When the school day was over I got on the bus and went home, I did the same thing as always, eat, do homework, eat dinner, and lastly go to bed. When I laid down I started to think who could have written me that letter. It couldn’t be my mom because she had to work overtime all this week and she told me there isn't a chance I would see her until Friday. It couldn’t be one of my friends because they don’t know where I live because I just moved a few weeks ago. Lastly, it couldn't be my brother cause he doesn’t like the whole idea of dying. After doing all of that thinking about the letter that was sent to me I went to bed. Fast forwarding to Wednesday morning, I got up went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and suddenly I saw in the mirror a human figure behind me. I dismiss the figure by

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