Essay About My Identity

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Identity is difficult to define because it is something that cannot be touched nor seen, though every person knows that they have one. I believe that identity is like a living and growing organism, it constantly adapts and changes based on its environment. What makes an identity is the experiences and choices that a person has had in their life. I know that I am not the same person I was at 10 years old; my knowledge of the world has expanded and I have learned from my past mistakes through the years. A baby doesn’t recognize who it is because it has never experienced or chosen anything in its life but as it grows and learns the child would have to decide what it wants and even the simplest decision can impact its entire identity. Our choices become us. If I had chosen to go to a different high school, I feel that my identity would be changed. If I did go to a different high school, I could have possibly wanted to be a writer instead of wanting to become a doctor. Though I regret some of my choices and actions in life, I wouldn’t change any of them because they have shaped who I am. When posed the question of “Who I Am”, I am initially scared. I feel this way because my gut instinct is to reply, “I don’t know”. I realize that I can’t concisely define my identity because I hide away many aspects of myself that I deem unacceptable. I keep changing who I am to fit what I believe people would like. So, I play many roles in my life like a quiet but attentive student, as a

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