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Commander Lee: Oh, at last! General Tyson has had me looking everywhere for you. You are to report to him at the War Hall. Commander Lee: Wait a minute. Before I bother the General, I’m gonna make sure you’re worth his time. Come on, take a swing at me. Commander Lee: Good enough. Now let’s see if you’ve learned any tricks on the training grounds. Commander Lee: Not bad. Let’s see if you know how to utilize items on the battlefield. Commander Lee: I can’t believe it! You’re just a rookie! Maybe General Tyson was right about you… follow me. We’ve kept the General waiting long enough. Commander Lee: General Tyson, here are the two soldiers you requested. General Tyson: Well done, commander. Soldiers! Why have you signed up for the …show more content…

Our special agent, Shaw, will give you further information once you arrive there. Shaw: Welcome to the Golden Light Shrine, the capital of the kingdom of the Wild Rose. I’m your contact, Shaw. I’m sworn to aid you on your mission however I can. I’ve taken the liberty of booking you a room in the hotel here and stocking it with some things you’ll need for your journey. Shaw: There, you’ll be able to unwind and go over some strategies we’ve cooked up. That sort of thing. I’ve also gone to great lengths to pay off a man to travel with us and assist in your training. Arcana: It would be wise indeed to see how we work as a team. Shaw: Now, as you know, your mission here is to win over the King. He’ll be expecting you at the Wild Rose Palace. Don’t go unprepared, I suspect he’ll want you to demonstrate your value to his Kingdom. King Rox: So you are the ambassadors that the rebellion have sent to impress us… your general sent word that you would be coming. I will be direct with you. You will battle my champions in our circle of Stone and Blood. If you are able to overcome the challenges with which you are presented, then your rebellion may yet earn my respect… and my army. Arcana: The Outcome is assured. Magnus: You, too are a Paladin, so I have nothing to fear. You must be a righteous king and ally. We will fight. King Rox: Let me know when you think you’re ready to prove yourselves. Shaw: Hey, I’ve been watching

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