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A Word Beyond Imagination The Greek word philotimo caught me by surprise. My initial expectations were just a single definition word with a solid meaning behind it. Little did I know this word has no definition, and it applies to hundreds of different things. Philotimo is awe inspiring to the Greeks. It provided them with a drive, a certain guideline on how to approach life. It helped the Greeks establish many of the modern inventions that we use today such as modern medicine, mathematics, biology, and many more. By showing pride in family, community, and oneself, philotimo made all of these things possible. Philotimo is a word that drives one to be great and do the right thing. As many young greeks were being raised up, many contributors …show more content…

I wish my parents would've known of philotimo, and to use philotimo to establish core values not for just oneself, but for the greater of the people. I was raised to be self independent and self sufficient, and now I am longing for something more. To be the person who not only cares for oneself, but also cares deeply for others. To be more thoughtful and mindful of those around me, because life isn’t only about yourself. Philotimo creates acts of selflessness out of people that I long to have. As they say, treat others how you would want to be treated, but philotimo takes that phrase to a higher level. It comes down to more than just respect, that those with philotimo will always live to help one another. Philotimo finally brings the thought about my career in law enforcement. Not only do I want to possess the virtues of philotimo, but I also want to put them to use on the job. To show pride and honor in my work while also being patient with those I encounter. To make a difference in the world around me, while also being humble and reserved on the job. Learning the many meanings of philotimo has honestly set my mind on a positive track in life, and I will hopefully continue on this track with the core values of philotimo that the greeks

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