Essay By Fatema Mernissi

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Muslim women, in the eyes of the many, are severely oppressed and dominated by males. To further prove this statement, many would provide examples such as how women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive or how Muslim women are forced to wear the scarf and at times cover their faces entirely. However, in Fatema Mernissi’s (2011) “Size 6: The Western women’s harem” she portrays how Western women in contrast are also dominated by the males of the society. Mernissi’s language, tone of voice and her use of comparisons and personal experience all add up to make a convincing and captivating article. In her article, Fatima Mernissi, attempts to portray how men in the West are still dictating the way many women think and behave. She believes that this is done by the mens control over most fashion and media outlets, which are what have a lot of influence on women in the West. She also argues that the form of oppression taking place in the…show more content…
For example when using a hateful or negative tone she uses words and phrases such as, “enforces”, “These western attitudes…are even more dangerous and cunning than the Muslim ones” and “violence embodied in the western harem” (2011, p. 425) Such phrases strongly convey how much dislike the author has towards the men modeling what women should look like in order to be beautiful. For instance, when she says that “these western attitudes…are even more dangerous and cunning than the Muslim ones” it clearly illustrates just how horrendous they must be, as many of the Islamic attitudes are criticized to be extreme and to make them sound worse speaks volumes. Mernissi also expresses just how grateful and relieved she is that Western attitudes and beliefs on women only being attractive when they are stripped of their maturity, haven’t made their way through to Muslim countries. Communicating such a tone or feeling points in the way of mockery and
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