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Imagine a world full of chaos. In one second a bomb would go off and kill harmless people on one side of the world and on the other side billions of people die of a newly made, incurable disease. People kept on dying and there was no stopping it. Day by day, every county, all major achievements, everything would be destroyed. No one left to remember it and it's all a wink in the past.The war had been getting worse and worse. People were dying as fast as leaves falling of a tree in fall. One by one, like leaves, there would be no people left. Centuries ago, there used to be somewhat peace between the lands. The were rulers, but their were appointed by the people and their rulers used to change every few years. There used to be good rulers, …show more content…

They said in the past, there was something called “movies” which were films with people acting. The so called “movies” were banned a long time ago, so only a very small amount of people remembered it. Her great grandfather told her about them and everything that happened in the past, before they kingdoms took place and everything split. The story had been passed down from his great grandparents. The change happened around 300 years ago, and her ancestors told their children and it passed through the generations. Asteria’s great grandfather told her all the stories before he passed away two years ago, saying that he wanted someone to remember how wonderful our world was. She would replay those stories in her mind everyday, before going to bed, wondering how it would be to live in such a beautiful and astonishing world. A world where everyone was free to do what they wanted to, a place with such amazing unique wonders. Being a princess was no easy job. Her brother was the only one she could talk to now. Her mother had died 12 years ago when Asteria was three and her brother seven. Her father was so busy with the war raging on that he didn’t even come out of his meeting room anymore. He was always having meeting consulting with his advisors on what they should do next. “Asteria!” her brother Acker yelled from across the room, snapping her out of her thoughts, and that was all she heard, until a loud

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