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Once upon a time, there lived a cunning fly. Far from being ordinary, the cunning fly craved destruction. So one day, the cunning fly decided that its first target would be an old china shop. The problem, however, was that the cunning fly was too small and weak to destroy anything. After much thinking, it made a plan: to buzz inside the ear of a powerful bull. The plan worked. The powerful bull, so angry from the buzzing in its ear, entered a fearsome rage. Amidst the fearsome rage, everything inside the old china shop was destroyed. The cunning, and now jubilant fly, could not have wished for anything more perfect.

The above paragraph can be made applicable to Iraq. Al-Qaeda, for example, got inside the ear of the United States, who in …show more content…

Could it be that we’ll trust these entities to make decisions for us rather than ourselves? Are we experiencing the slowing down of human intuition? I think there’ll be limits to artificial intelligence, but why should that matter? As long as it’s ‘better’ than humans, it’ll work.

How real is the threat that many of the jobs people work now will shortly be obsolete? If robots were to take vast numbers of human jobs, how much fury will be unleashed? Would collective numbers from both sides be willing to kill? How will the millions who’ve lost their jobs (cashiers, textile workers, taxi drivers, and so on and so forth) adjust to other arenas?

In these times of uncertainty, as far as the job market, how do schools know what to teach? Influence is shifting from people to algorithms on a host of matters — political and economic matters, and even in one’s personal life. If I were to ask a bank for a loan my fate wouldn’t be decided by a person but by an algorithm, and one can’t dispute with an algorithm.

Despite its problems, the world is a far less dangerous place than it’s ever been. More people die from suicide than from wars or violence, and people no longer need to worry about a neighbouring village attacking them in the night.

Our ancient forager ancestors relied so heavily on their senses to stay alive. Are we losing our senses?

I would like to see Jeremy Corbyn win

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