Essay: How To Keep Your Car Organized And Clean

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How to Keep your Car Organized and Clean
For parents who are always on the go, their vehicle is considered as their second home. Most busy moms and dads spend tons of hours in the car or on the road especially when doing errands, picking up the kids and buying groceries. If you own a pet, it can even add to the chaos that you are already experiencing on a daily basis.
With all these activities, your car is bound to get dirty and cluttered with your children’s toys, trash, and other stuff that only adds to the clutter. Once in a while your trusty vehicle also needs to breathe, relax, and declutter. After a good carwash and interior cleaning, it’s now your turn to make sure that your car is well maintained for as long as you can.
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Take out your carpet and vacuum it to suck up all dirt. • Keep a trash bin – It can be a can or a plastic bag. It doesn’t matter as long as it can store all your junk and trash. Just don’t forget to throw it at the end of the day.

• Place coasters on your cup holders – This will make it easier for you to clean especially in case of accidental spills from your coffee cup. We all hate it when our drink spills on the side of our glass or cup. The coasters will help absorb and prevent your drink from seeping in the hard to reach corners of your cup holder.

• Put organizers at the back of your seat - This will keep your stuff organized. You can fill your organizer with your kid’s stuff like books, bottles, and small toys that they usually bring with them every time they get into your vehicle.

• Keep a food tray – Although it is better to avoid eating inside the car, there are instances when it is unavoidable especially if your child is hungry. The best thing you can do is to keep the food contained by keeping a portable food tray.

However, accidents are still bound to happen. Your car seat can still get stained and spoiled by food

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