Essay On 3D Printing In Pharmaceuticals

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The introduction of 3D printing in pharmaceuticals has allowed drug companies to better manipulate and customize a drug’s composition compared to the traditional grind and press methods. This detailed personalization has given scientists the ability to create a single tablet that can release a cocktail of drugs over defined intervals. This biomedical advancement eliminates the need for days filled with tedious pill taking and organizing.

Background Pharmaceutical companies are some of the most influential players in our society. With such large annual profits, companies like Pfizer Inc., Amgen Inc., and Merck & CO., are able to contribute millions to the candidates of their choice during public elections …show more content…

This technology has the power to create personalized one-of-a-kind medications that can save countless lives. Some of the most recent applications created using 3D Printing are drug delivery systems, the creation of complex tissues and organs, as well as prosthetics [3]. This patient specific technology starts by using computer software where large amounts of data, specifications, and parameters must be inputted. The technology, also known as solid free form fabrications (SFF), controls the macro and microarchitecture of the shape that it creates. The first 3D-printed drug was created by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals and approved by the FDA in early August 2015. The 3D-printed tablet, sold under the name Spirtam, is a prescription used to treat a variety of different types of seizures caused from epilepsy. This drug has the power to help millions of Americans suffering from the devastating effects of epilepsy. Aprecia uses ZipDose Technology as their 3D printing process technology. The Spirtam tablet is printed extremely porous, making it melt directly on contact with the tongue and a small sip of liquid. This is just one example of the many appealing characteristics that a drug can take on if it is 3D printed. This characteristic allows a user to avoid swallowing bulky pills which many people can struggle with, making the drug more usable. The ZipDose Technology allows different potencies to be made for a specific user. The printer adds

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