Essay On Acanthocystis Turfacea Virus

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Triana Wilson
5th period
Virus Research Paper Stupidity is something we can’t avoid when it comes to certain situations but it is something that can be seen as a disease. The virus Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus, also known as the “stupidity virus” is a virus that shows down certain brain activities needed for everyday living. The virus didn’t show up until a few years ago and it hasn’t been determined if the virus was there before or after the death of a person. The virus was in healthy people as well as sick people. People who were apart of a study were infected with the virus and studies show they performed ten percent lower than those who didn’t have the virus. The virus causes changes in expression to nearly 1300 genes in the hippocampus, the area responsible for storing memories and helping bodies be properly oriented in the environment. The virus altered how the hippocampus responds to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is widely used throughout the brain and integral to the immune system. …show more content…

Those with the virus attention span is affected and they have trouble with the basics of things such as connecting the dots or solving a puzzle. Although the virus can affect humans, it also can change the genetics in the brains of mice. A study was performed on mice in which one group was given the virus while another group remained the same. The study showed that those affected by the virus had a harder time making it through mazes than those who didn’t have the virus at all. This goes to show that the virus affects the part of the brain that coordinates humans and mice to do everyday activities. The virus is generally found in lakes and rivers but there’s a theory that the virus was produced by low level contamination. This virus isn’t well known but the next one thinks of someone’s stupidity, this virus may come to

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