Essay On African American Culture

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African Americans have for so long been regulated to a narrow perception of their history and culture as hypersexual and savage. Their promiscuity has long been used as a way of justification for: rape, enslavement, disease, poverty, and teen pregnancy. Comparisons made between African Americans and animals particularly monkeys or bucks further perpetuated the sexualized image of these people. To understand how this stereotype is perpetuated we must analyze our institutions, history, and culture. I chose this topic because it resonates with me as far as being apart of the African American community. This topic is important to me because we are still dealing with the ramifications of enslavement and racism and I wanted to learn more about this topic as well as shed some light on it, and help people understand how serious the issue is and how it has transcended generations and era's. The concept of the hypersexual jezebel is important to understand. Dr. David Pilgrim echoes this when he talks about how it came about during the enslavement period and was used as a rationalization for sexual relations between white men and black women, including sexual relations involving slave owners and slaves. The …show more content…

Hip-Hop culture objectifies both men and women as both violent and aggressive and very sexual beings. For women, it shows them as simply sexual objects, whether it be half naked in music videos dancing in a sexual manner or through the lyrics which talk about the plethora of women these men have had sexual relations with. For men, it shows this hyper masculine misogynistic aggressive male body displayed in the video as well as in the lyrics with multitudes of underdressed women in the background dancing often being groped without any actual consent. This sends the message that women do not have avoice and are simply there to please the

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