Essay On African American Slave Trade

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Moreover, there are a few more countries which have involved in the slave trade like Africa, Britain, Portugal and Spain. As for Britain, they were one of the major player in doing trading. British had many ships who were mainly carried 2,6000 000 slaves from the African’s in the 18th century to the Caribbean sea and America’s in order for them to trade those goods in a different parts of their cities in the country. For example, one of their cities like London who owned those slaves ports back in the 17th century transports their goods to Manchester and Birmingham. The main reason was because they intended to combine those three ports in order to fit all of the goods and exported them using those ships. For example, they manufactured some goods such as guns, metal cotton and tobacco. At the same time, they decided to do a business trade by getting a permission from the royal king and signed a contract with a company …show more content…

Portugal have been exploiting 32000 number of slaves from Africa before they started to do the slave trade. It's started when Prince Henry the navigator ruler who sent an expedition to Africa in order to know more about the continent in the year of 1441. In the year of 1444, they sent the cargo which consist of 235 Africans slaves and brought into Lagos. Besides that, they used those slaves to work on their sugar plantations in Madeira. By following year 1460 the Portuguese decided to built the first slave fort on the coast of Ghana West coast of Africa and The Elimina Castle, which are the headquarters of Portuguese was mainly in charged of dealing with those slaves for their business. At the same time, they managed to transport some goods such as wine, ceramic and herbs to other countries like Britain. They traded those items by using their own currency which can be found in the Floating Harbour, just across the ocean while trading goods with Athens Bristol

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