Essay On African Americans A Turning Point In History

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The first African American President a turning point in history.
According to dictionary. com, a significant turning point is defined as Turning Point - a point at which a decisive change takes place”(2017,1). The constitution states “we the people” but if our leadership doesn’t represent the diversity of that statement, are we really,” we the people” as stated in the constitution. This is an area where our leadership doesn’t reflect this statement. No change has come to this country in leadership. The lack of diversity in the leadership of the United States of America is what this paper will discuss.
The history of the United States proves that there has continuously been a Caucasian man as president in this country. This lack of change left people wondering, if anyone that wasn’t a Caucasian man would ever be elected as president. Due to this, children as well as adults didn’t believe that an African American would ever become president. This was especially true for young African American children. In the United States, it is said in the constitution if you are a natural born citizen of the United States and have the experience needed that anyone …show more content…

In 2009, the turning point of change happened. This is when the first steps were taken to bring this country in line with what the constitution states “we the people’ occurred. Barack Obama was the first African American to become president.It was a triumph for all people when this happened, but especially for African Americans. According to NPR news article blog , "This is the first time, to me, that it truly represents 'we the people.' Finally, equal rights, not being judged on the color of your skin, but the character — that's what this whole thing means to me" (2008,1). The world at large would now see that anyone could really become president. The “America of we the People” could finally emerge and be

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