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BEFORE the War: How & Why the Main Players Ended Up at War

Korea: My country was ruled by Imperial Japan from 1910 until the end of World War II. When the Soviet Union went to war with Japan August 9th 1945, my land north of the 38th parallel was freed to self-rule and my south occupied by The United States of America. Following the Cold War, the 38th parallel became the official divide between my north and south leaving the communist control of the Soviet Union and China in the north with American Democracy in the south.

Kim IL-Sung: I feel as though the southern peninsula is weak and its people crave the control of North Korean Communism in their lives. As day goes on their armies get weaker and they become more and more susceptible …show more content…

On June 25, 1950 we condemned the attacks from North Korea and passed legislature to enter into the fighting to restore peace. The silly Soviet Union thought it wise to boycott the vote, creating a unanimous vote to enter the country and push the North Koreans back to their boundaries. The Soviets complained claiming that the US assistance was starting a new war but it is their own petty fault for not attending the vote.

China: There is a civil war within me! The Nationalists battle with the Communists backed by our North Korean brothers. The North Koreans have contributed man supplies as well as man power to assist us in defeating the Nationalists and we will not forget this debt we owe. We shall return over 50,000 Veterans to North Korea and promise our support against any attacker who could obstruct our communist ways. The biggest threat to our national security right now is the Capitalist United States. They never declared war against us but we know that they were supplying the nationalists in our lands merely to spread their capitalism across our borders.

DURING the War: The Biggest Events / Moments in the War

North Korea: Our time to overtake the south and return our land has come! June 25, 1950 we charged across the 38th parallel with our heavy reinforcement of tanks, artillery, and Chinese munitions.

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