Essay On And Then There Were None Mystery

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Gavin Als
Honors Literacy ⅕
1 November 2017

And Then There Were None Essay Suspense. Mystery. Murder. This book kept you thinking about them all. There are ten people on an island they are all mysteriously dying one by one. Everyone is accusing each other of killing others. In the novel And Then There Were None written by Agatha Christie, the mystery elements that were used were: main conflict, setting, characterization, and the author's techniques of giving clues. As the reader followed the plot of the novel, the main conflict is person vs person or the murders. The murderer lured them to the island. “Once, they all got there and were settled in and were having some tea and talking the recording started” (42). The recording
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There were a lot of characters almost too much but it fits the book and didn’t ruin the plot (whole book). One of the characters the in the book the author described well was Vera Claythorn (3,4,5). It talked about her personality and her previous job as a games mistress (4). She has to take any job she can get to have some extra money. Also, the author does a good job talking about Dr.Armstrong (10,11,12). Even though the suffix gives it away Dr.Armstrong is a doctor. Dr.Armstrong is also pretty wealthy. The Author does a good job giving clues to help solve the mystery (whole book). The author adds a poem which gives the order of the deaths and how they die (31). There is also glass figures that every time one of the people dies a glass figure disappears. It also gives clues throughout the story that helps figure out who is killing people (whole book). But the author also makes you think. There are also those moments where you read something and realize how it connects to something that happened previously in the book. In conclusion, the book And Then There Were None written by Agatha Christie was an amazing book. It gave you clues throughout the book to help solve the mystery. The setting was perfect for this book. The plot got really good once they started blaming each other for the
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