Essay On Anesthesiologists

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Many believe anesthesiologists (M.D.) give their patients anesthesia before the surgery and exit the room after that. On the contrary, they do so much more and the work behind it is more complicated than people think. If it was so, they wouldn’t need the eight more years of education after the four-year undergraduate degree. A lot of math and careful observations are incorporated into this profession, hence the number of years needed to become one. Math is the core foundation in mastering the principles of anesthesiology. It is used in many different ways throughout the procedures the anesthesiologists make. Anesthesiologists are doctors/physicians who are trained in anesthesiology. They provide the patient anesthesia which is a kind of medicine …show more content…

This can be calculated by this formula: . During the surgery, anesthesiologists have to monitor the breathing if they used general anesthesia. Since the patient will be needing oxygen, they have make calculations to know how long the oxygen tank will last according to the rate of the gas flow. Vital functions like pulse, temperature, and blood pressure is also monitored and will need to make conversions if necessary. Anesthesiologists, other than calculating the correct dosage, will also need to know to allowable blood loss. The allowable blood loss can be measured by this formula: . Hct is an abbreviation for hematocrit which is the ratio of the volume of red blood cells to the given volume of blood. After the surgery, anesthesiologists continue to help alleviate the patient’s pain. While many people believe anesthesiologists is simple and does not require a lot of anything, it is the complete opposite. Math is used constantly in anesthesiology. A lot of that math are conversions and calculations. It’s amazing to see how much math is actually used in a profession that looks easier than it

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