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On May 22, 2017, you received an Advance Notice of Termination (ANOT). On May 23, 2017, you appealed the ANOT. The appeal hearing took place on June 16, 2017. Kelly Cruz, Senior Labor Relations Representative with the San Diego Municipal Employees Association (MEA) attended as your representative. At the hearing, we discussed the following numbered issues, which you and Ms. Cruz addressed in support of your appeal: ISSUE: 1. Failure to show up for work and failure to notify your supervisor ofor your absence on May 2, 2017. Your representative stated that you had just returned to work and were not in the habit of checking emails. She further stated that you were working at the structural OTC counter that day as the Senior Counter had …show more content…

It was this incoherence that prompted staff to notify Ms. Ahmadi who after observing you further decided to proceed with the drug testing protocol. Appearing at work under the influence of drugs violates the City’s Substance Abuse Policy (AR 97.00) as well as the City’s Code of Safe Work Practices and is cause for removal under Civil Service Rule XI Sections 3(a), 3(d) and 3(i). ISSUE: 3. On May 3, 2017 you were uncooperative during the drug testing process which took 8 hours to complete. Your representative stated that you were exhausted from lack of sleep and that you could not recall the information necessary to complete the forms. She also stated that your injuries compromise some biological functions that also contributed to the delay. RESPONSE: Ms. Ahmadi noted that you appeared more incoherent than tired. She has observed you many times in cases where you were falling asleep at your desk. She stated that your condition on May 3rd was markedly different. At the testing center you refused to participate until you had spoken to an MEA representative and it took you an inordinate amount of time to find contact information for an acceptable representative. It took you two hours more to complete the initial paperwork which was promptly returned to you as illegible. It then took another hour for you to fill out the paperwork

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