Essay On Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized

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A man lays alone in his bed, unable to move his vegetable body. His body limp but his mind is still there. Not only does he comprehend what is going on but he feels the pain and that is destroying his body. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease earlier in the year, and now his body has given up on him. He can no longer care for himself, eat by himself, or convey his thoughts to others. All he wants is an escape from the cage that he is living in and all of the pain he feels; however, his physician can not help him in anyway because assisted suicide is not legal in his state. All of his pain and suffering would be ended if his doctor could only perform this task. Assisted suicide is not a coward's way to escape life, but it is a brave way of saying I can not continue fighting. Assisted suicide should be legalized in america because it provides an escape for those who are terminally ill
Assisted suicide is not often talked about in today’s times. Often
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It is meant to give relief to the patient and help to make the disease and maybe even death more bearable to the friends and family. For example hospice is a form of palliative care. Hospice can provide not only medical support but it can also provide spiritual care such as Chaplains. For patients who are terminally ill hospice can only provide comfort, but the patient still dies painfully. If assisted suicide were one of the options a physician was able to provide, then the patient could end their live on their own terms instead of the terms of their illness. More common than not physician assisted suicide is thought to be the physician's choice. They believe that the patient does not die on their own terms, but when the doctor sees fit for the patient’s life to end. However, physician assisted suicide is not comparable to this because assisted suicide it the patient's choice. When it is doctor oriented it then become
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