Essay On Attending Parsons

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Six years ago, I attended my first college tour during junior high school, we had an amazing tour at Parsons: The New School. Through the visit, I discovered a new environment full of talented people who weren't afraid to be themselves and not afraid to be judged or picked on because of their race, gender, or sexuality. Attending Parsons: The New School will have a powerful impact on my success in and out of college. Being an African Muslim male growing up in the U.S there are restrictions and standards I must uphold to be considered a man. However, not living up to these standards causes “men” like me to become outcast in society, afraid to open up restricting themselves to live in a box.
Having the opportunity to be a part of a campus full of diversity will open up my eyes to acquire the mind of a world traveller, able to learn
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Giving me the experience I need to work in the real world, being able to stand through challenges I may face. Immersing myself in an environment where everyone has their own experiences, opinions and nuances will allow me to be comfortable in my own skin and learn to take in and embrace new culture, lifestyles. This school will give me a strong and competitive edge in the workplace because of its emphasis on film studies, screenwriting, production and management. I am aware that Parsons: The New School offers state-of-the-art facilities and equipment which will help me immensely in producing quality work and further become educated in my field. Attending Parsons pre-college academy has already changed my work by allowing me to use their resources to enhance my current abilities as a filmmaker/photographer. Being on this campus which isn’t like any other, will help me continue to grow and reach my goals with the help of Parsons: The New School and its multi-cultural
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