Essay On Aztec Civilization

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The world consists of many civilizations that made a mark in history. The actions of the civilization live on today. They all different because of the way geography affected them and the way they impact the society today. A specific civilization that drew my attention was the Aztecs. Their wonderful creations and ways of life would Astound the world. The assets of Mesoamerican people from the 14th to 16th century. they went by the name Mexica or Tenochca. Their civilization included many cities and towns especially inside the valley of Mexico. the largest city which is on a separate Island was Tenochtitlan. This civilization of 15 million people and merge two dominant in central Mexico which developed social religious political and Commercial organization. Sadly they were known for using brutal force against neighboring tribes and cities they would kidnap some of the people to be the sacrifice to their gods. On the other hand, they're beautiful temples and pyramids to draw the attention of many. Although they had Fierce Warriors in 1521 the Aztec civilization fell because of Hernan Cortes. He had gotten allied army with American Indians that …show more content…

One thing that really drew my attention was that they had education for everyone. During this time girls or people of a low social class did not receive an education. I would love to be part of the first civilization to have education for all. The Aztec temples and pyramids were magnificent, I would like to be part of the civilization who made them. Many tribes and civilizations went through periods of starvation, the Aztecs, on the other hand, did not because they had lots of agricultural goods. An abundant amount of Mexican culture was derived from the Aztecs, so even though civilization fell the culture still lives on. The details expressed shows why I want to be a part of this civilization instead of

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