Essay On Black Misconceptions

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The holocaust of enslavement is when 50 to 100 million Black lives lost due to slavery. There were mass murders, wars, kidnapping, and lying to force Blacks into slavery. Not only did they destroyed the Black population, but also destroyed many of African foundations and societies. Whites dehumanized Blacks by forcing them to assimilate into the Whites and their ideology. Whites made Blacks take on their names, brand them like animals, beat them, rape them, and even killed them. Whites used religion as one of the reason why Blacks needed to be in slavery. Whites took away Blacks freedom, dignity, and even aspiration to break them into serving Whites. Slavery is a holocaust because it destroyed Blacks life, culture, and life chances. Whites transformed them into property that served them. Whites broke their spirits and…show more content…
The first being slavery was a “trade.” It was a process that enslave Africans thru warfare, trickery, banditry, and kidnapping. They did not just go because they wanted to. They were forced by the Whites. The second misconception was the Europeans tried to blame the Arabs and Africans for participating in the process of enslavement which includes the commercial aspect. Even though the Arabs did have a slave trade it was still controlled by the Europeans. The stills that was being used belong to the Europeans owned plantations colonies-economies of Reunion, Seychelles, Mauritania, the Americas, and the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. The Arabs were just the middlemen and some East Indians. Whites tried to use the fact that Africans enslavement of Africans as another reason that slavery was okay. The different is that Africans who was enslaved were indentured servitudes which was caused by conquest, war, captured or crime punishment. They were more a servant, so when their time was up they were let free. European enslavement was horrible, brutal, and dehumanizing to the Blacks/
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