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Paradoxically, Steve Jobs, David Green, and Richard Branson all failed to graduate with a college education, but society still views them as intelligent. Presently, the movie From Prada to Nada and the writing “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” both represent the idea of economic inequality. However, in “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” it is conveyed that having an education will set you higher in the class system, but does not determine your intelligence. “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” is written by Mike Rose who portrays the intelligence of white-collar workers through past experiences and observations. In the movie From Prada to Nada it shows the differences between economic classes by portraying the lifestyle switch from upper to lower class as the two …show more content…

In that scene, the ditzy and wealthy girls constantly make negative remarks such as “How does anyone live like this, it must be miserable” (Scene 4). This scene is effective emotionally as the audience is able to see how luxurious the upper class’s lives are compared to the lower classes. In any case, both sources are effective through their ability to engage the audience emotionally by putting the audience in the shoes of someone who struggles economically. However, the sources differed immensely through the use of language. In fact, one of the themes most evident amongst the language that set the sources apart rhetorically was the tone. Throughout the article “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” Mike Rose set a very serious tone discussing the matter of economic inequality. For example, Rose conveys “As a foreman, Joe constantly faced new problems and became a constant multi-tasker, evaluation a flurry of demands quickly, parceling out physical and mental resources, keeping a number of ongoing events in his mind, returning to whatever task had been interrupted, and maintain a cool head under the pressure of grueling production schedules” (1037). As Rose portrays the life of a Foreman, he keeps a very serious tone to convey to the audience how real these struggles are. Although Joe may have not received a formal education passed middle school, he still has to work efficiently and intelligently in his own manner. At the same

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