Essay On Building A Castle

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This was during one of the first few days of Summer Enrichment. Collins built this castle for the princess’. This was also at the beginning of SEP. The children were still exploring the blocks and learning about each other. This was a simple parking garage that Martin and a few of the other students constructed. Just playing around with the blocks turned into a soft place to lay. At first they did not have the pillows and that was “too rough” so they added them. The parking garages and building became much more detailed as SEP went on. This was started by Caegen. He wanted to build a tall tower that was taller than he was. He built it with the help of Tab and myself. After he got the structure built the other children began to play with …show more content…

The rules included: you must stay inside the box, if you step outside the other person wins; there may only be two people inside the box at a time; while inside the box you may on hit the pipe of the other person, if you hit them you are out. The rules were very simple and he explained them to all of the children. Each time a set of two stepped inside the box it became a duel. Before he would allow the children to duel each other they must duel him first, to make sure that they understood the rules. The duels were very popular! The children were waiting outside the box cheering each other on while waiting for a turn. It was very thrown together, but it worked to help calm down the room some and invite children to build. It was a compromise from just having the children roaming around the room. Another rule that was placed when the square was created was that you may not leave the block room with the PVC pipes, which is what was used as swords. The square allowed for more organized play, but still had to be watched over closely so that no one would get hurt. The first day the children were constantly lined up for a turn. The next few days it was the same thing. This type of play allowed for the children to think about their moves before making them, because they did not want to lose the duel. The duel could be lost by stepping outside of the square or hitting your opponent with the pipe. This created an environment that allowed the children to think

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