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Last night Westland traveled to Canal Winchester for a Thursday Night tilt.
Canal Winchester came in 2-2, while Westland limped in with a 1-3 record.
This was already a must win for both teams, if they were to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

The Cougars used a screen pass from Tyquwone Workman to Tanner Conley , to pick up 21-yards, with 10:39 left in the quarter. At the 9:58 left Workman got a 7-yard gain from Workman. Workman used his legs to pick up 14-yards on a 3rd and fifteen call at 8:37 mark. On the 4th down play,Matt Bailey picked up 11-yards, with 8:32 showing on the clock. The Cougars scoring dreams ended on a a missed field goal.

The Indians used a Tanner Conley run to pick up a chunk of yards and if not for a
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Facing a 4th and five with 4:47 left in the third quarter,the Indians elected to go for it. Jack Beeler was sacked for an 12-yard loss by #8 Marcus Jones. The Cougars carried that momentum with them on the ensuing drive. It tool 8-plays to cover the 49-yards for the score, with the score coming in the shape of a 4-yard run from Bailey. The point after kick locked this one up once again, at 14 apiece with 1:22 left in the quarter.

Beeler connected with Stanton Smith but a fine play from Geno Sekura blew the play up for a 5-yard loss, with 12.3 seconds left in the third quarter.

Dominic Davis got the ball back to the Indians offense, after he recovered a Moussa Diallo fumble, with 11:03 left in the game.
The Indians would make the Cougars pay for the turnover, when THE LICKING COUNTY FAN PLAYER OF THE GAME,TYLER TOLEDO scored from four-yards out. The point after made this a 21-14 game, with 8:37 left.

Toledo picked up 20-yards, when he used the blocking of his offensive line, with 4:04 left.
The game had 2:14 left when the Indians faced a fourth and three and once again they elected to go for it. This time the decision was made good when,Tanner Conley picked up 10-yards on a run right up the gut. A 24-yard field goal from Thompson gave the Indians a 24-14 lead.

Any hopes of a comeback by the Cougars were laid to a rest when Darren Davis picked off a Workman pass, with less than a minute remaining
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