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Career Counseling Gay Men in Recovery: Issue Analysis Report Gay culture has been attributed to the high statistics of gay men’s substance abuse issues, which are estimated to remain by and large at more than twice the nine percent rate of the general population ( Accordingly, it is probable that a bar/club attitude has persisted over countless decades because living as a gay man was illegal and the last vestiges of acceptance remained at the local speakeasy type rendezvous that urged alcohol upon its patrons. Even though there is a deficiency in statistics, more than a decade of research suggests that LGBT populations have been linked with elevated rates of alcohol consumption and substance use ( …show more content…

Compounding these issues, Pope et al. (2004) suggests that aspects of the cultural identity for gay man comprises of staying extra aware of their gay identity rather than their archetypal male identity. However, the gay man may struggle with choosing to remain guarded because of enduring feelings, may be affected by self-hatred, and may continue to ruminate about appearances of being gay and extricate gay facets of their life from their non-gay agendas which may hinder their social, psychological, and emotional development. A gay man’s lack of career development stems from negative stereotypes, employment discrimination, minority group status, and limited role model’s due to cultural oppression (Datti, 2009). Whereas, trying to locate employment in recovery can be a frustrating process due to stigma, legal issues, resume gaps, and whether to disclose past substance misuse (Graham, 2006). Hence, counseling a gay client in recovery has several implications that include; accurate assessment, life stage and transitions, cultural counseling, and utilization of role models which will be explored in this article. Assessment To offer effective assistances to gay men, each counselor must utilize traditional career counselor roles, methods, and values. The counselor must be willing to explore established supports,

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