Essay On Change Blindness

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Changes in our surroundings are happening every minute and if we started noticing every minute detail about a scene then our visual system will be over whelmed in no time (Rensink, 2000). We are limited in our capacity to encode, retain and compare visual information from one glance to the other. Our awareness of our visual surroundings is far lesser than what most people believe intuitively. Change Blindness is the inability to consciously perceive a changing stimulus in the visual environment and subsequently not being able to report it. It occurs in other sensory modalities as well. Interestingly change blindness has been found to also take place in Olfaction (Sela & Sobel, 2010), Auditory (Eramudugola, Irvine, McAnally, Martin & Mattinglley …show more content…

The first cause is overwriting. Overwriting occurs when the individual has no visual representation of how the scene was in the beginning. The information from the first scene is simply replaced by new information (Simons, 2000).Impressions is the second culprit. When the information from an initial scene is encoded but not re-examined as long as the meaning in the scene is consistent, impressions takes place (Simons, 2000). The third cause is that nothing is stored. Since the individuals have not encoded or compared the scenes, they can’t identify any changes (Simons, 2000). The fourth cause is everything is stored but not compared. Though the individuals encoded the first and the second scene, they failed to realize that both the scenes are different. Research has shown that it is possible for an individual to hold two beliefs about a scene without realizing that the scenes are very different from each other (Simons, 2000). And our final convict is feature combination. Feature combination says that individuals remember certain features from one scene and different features from the second scene that the individual remembers, not accurately represent either of the scenes (Simons,

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