How Did Child Labor Occur During The Second Industrial Revolution

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During the Second Industrial Revolution many people were getting jobs because of the growing industrialization. The Second Industrial Revolution was led by the United States causing countless new business and factories to start opening up. By the mid-1800’s child labor started to be an extensive concern because the factories were both dangerous and disgusting. Child labor became a substantial matter once machines in factories replaced hand labor because machines were extremely unsafe. When the factories started to open more workers were needed that would be paid very little. During the Industrial Revolution child labor increased because of the need for cheap labor, the new inventions and technologies, and the lack of workers. During the Second American Revolution there …show more content…

During the industrial revolution there was a mass production of new machines and technologies. When these new machines were put into factories the owners had to go and find more workers. The big issue factory owners had was trying to find workers that were willing to work for a low price. Finding workers that were willing to work for a low price was extremely hard because everyone was trying to make enough money to support their families. “Poor children and their families relied on child labor in order to improve their chances of obtaining their chances of obtaining basic necessities (Child labor public education project).” Trying to find workers that were willing to work for such little pay wasn’t their own problem. They also had to try and find people that had experience with the machinery. But finding people who had experience with the machinery wasn’t so easy. “One hospital reported that every year it treated nearly a thousand people for wounds and mutilations caused by machines in factories.” (Factory Accidents) Due to the lack of experience ended with several workers being injured and sometimes even

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