Essay On Children In Foster Care

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As a consequence of this separation, many children end up in foster care or are placed in the care of an immediate family member. What happens to the child mostly depends on the location of current residency. Another deciding factor is whether or not the child's immediate relatives residing in the United States are legal residents, and if they are capable of taking in the child. In some situations, Child Protective Services will not place a child in a relatives home if they are undocumented simply because they run the same risk of being deported at any time. If both of these options do not exist for the child, or CPS deems relatives to be unfit to care for the child, they will then be located to a temporary foster care. The San Diego Free Press has reported the following: “there are at …show more content…

The high number of children that are placed in foster care systems have created a significant increase in the expenses of U.S taxpayers, “The U.S reportedly spends $22 billion dollars on children in foster care annually, which averages to $40,000 per child” In addition, against the wishes of their parents, an unknown number of these children are placed up for adoption. In situations like these, the undocumented parents are often hopeless simply because during the deportation process, it is the federal judge that often decides where the children are better off. Those children who are fortunate enough to have an immediate family member to look after them are still being brought up in a broken home. In an effort to keep the family united, some parents take their children with them while they are in deportation proceedings. However, most if not all of these children have never been to their parents home countries. The United States is their

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