Essay On Classroom Observation

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Monroe Woodbury Central School District contains over six thousand students. The schools are located in a large suburban area in Orange County, New York. The classroom I observed was a first-grade classroom in Smith Clove Elementary School. There are 526 students enrolled within kindergarten and 1st grade classes. There is a 14:1 student to teacher ratio. The teacher I observed on October 11, 2017 was Mrs. Quintana. She graduated from SUNY New Paltz and received her master’s, and two years later began working at Smith Clove Elementary. Upon walking into the classroom, I noticed the classroom setup. There was an art area right next to the door with a sink. On the same wall, there was little cubbies for each student with their names on it. Towards the middle of the room there was a big bright carpet facing the smart board. Also, there were two computers in the room with bean bag chairs. I found it fascinating that the students had five iPads for the classroom. Towards the window is her desk where students can sit around her for reading time. This reading center allows her to have one-on-one time with each student to evaluate their reading skills. The walls were completely covered with colors and pictures all labeled. As it approaches 8:30am, the students begin to enter the classroom. They all individually say “Good Morning” to their teacher then go straight to their cubbies dropping of their things. She had 22 students in her classroom, 11 boys and 11 girls.

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