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Do College Admissions Properly Ensure the Future?
The future is always something many fear, and more so than others at different milestones of life. An example of this is when it comes time for college admissions. Students around the world begin to question their worth through scores and grades. Is this how we want the future of America to be based off of, rather than the content of someone’s character? Test scores and grades aren’t truly accurate to accept someone into a college because test scores can be inaccurate due to digital systems and databases, humans express themselves in actions, not numbers, and grades are more so a scale of compliance.
Often, test scores can be glitchy and inaccurate. In our modern age, students take …show more content…

These can be applied through submission of artwork and videos of performances or showcases. Universities look for students who can succeed on campus to later bring revenue back from their success or bring in prospects. Colleges can’t truly choose them if they judge a book by its cover. If we judged some of our current world-shakers based on their academic success, we wouldn’t acknowledge and appreciate some of the things we do today. When a person pushes themselves to the next level of education, they deserve to be judged by their character and their human expression. Grades are not enough to show someone’s aspirations in life. Test scores are not enough to exhibit someone’s aspirations in life.
Lastly, grades are often a scale of compliance on the teachers and student’s parts. Although we like to believe everyone’s education is equal, not everyone has the same opportunities to set themselves apart or understand the material. Teachers that are ready to be on the job every day with the best attitude are the ones that students latch on to and really want to learn from. Students that listen in class because the teacher is involving them and not just giving the bare minimum, are the ones that stand out. Education standards should change to make sure that teachers are not only giving information but planning how they give out information in an engaging

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