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First, I want it to be clear that yesterday upon arriving at the post I never received the post keys and did not see them on the desk. Normally, the post keys would be near the post phone but lately (for the past month or two) Andrew has had them. He would leave the post and realize that he had them and have to return to give them to me; other times I have found them in the bag where we keep the janitor keycards. Yesterday Rodney was first to arrive and was sitting in one of the chair closes to the post phone, once I arrive I was standing on the opposite end receiving passdowns. Before Andrew left the only post equipment he gave me was the Security keycard and radio (this was around 1510). Once I was behind the desk I noticed the keys …show more content…

Next Andrew texted me "Then that's a problem. It was on the table when I left. I saw them. By the timesheets." Again, note that Rodney was sitting near the phone when Andrew was telling us the passdowns, this phone is next to the folder that we place our timesheets and he stated to me that he never saw them. I then decided to contact Kayla around 1730 (05:30 pm), who asked me to look around and check the cameras. I had been searching since the moment I officially noticed that the keys were missing; however, I continued to search the post and even asked the janitors to look for the keys while they were cleaning the building. The camera system is mostly the parking lot, except for one in the lobby (which doesn't show the security desk, except for one corner of it) and the two cameras in the Payroll delivery area. Although I did try to check the cameras I didn't see anyone with the keys. By the time I left the post at 2300 (11:00 pm), no one had found the keys or had seen them; I even checked with the janitors to ensure they hadn't found them. I'm emailing due to Andrew informing the office that the keys were lost during "swing shift (1500 to 1600)" because of the time I contacted him. Therefore, I'm emailing to make it clear that although I didn't get the chance to message Andrew about the keys until later; I never received them. Before Andrew became Post Commander we would have the incoming

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