Essay On Congressional Fundraising

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In COMP 101, I chose to write about congressional fundraising. Congressional fundraising is a new and serious problem facing the United States’ political system. In order to fix the problems of congressional fundraising, we need to spread awareness of this problem. This essay will discuss the targeted audience, my political cartoon and my overall experience in this class. My general audience will be young Americans and Americans, who want change. Creating a political cartoon will help spread awareness of this problem. The younger generation of United States’ can help resolve the problems of congress if they are informed about the political system. Later in life, these young Americans will know more about United States government to help fix the problems with the system. A political cartoon will intrigue the young Americans and teach them more about government; the young people will be between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. This approach will give young Americans two to four years of preparation to make choices at the age of eighteen. The next type of audience that can make a difference is Americans who want …show more content…

I picked a political cartoon because it was the best idea out of the other ideas. A political cartoon is a satirical comic strip that mocks major controversial political events or the government. I thought that a political cartoon can highlight the problems of congressional fundraising while keeping it entertaining for the viewer. A funny comic strip will be more memorable than an info commercial that is viewed as sad. Allowing the audience to think about and realizing it is a problem with the United States political system. I want the audience to feel that they are making the choice. For example, in this class, we watch commercials that evoke emotion. Most of the commercials created a sad atmosphere and guilt-trip the audience. I feel that people are more willing to take action with inspiration than

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