Cartoons Are Not Only For Children 's Desires

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Ignoring the Debt Although cartoons may symbolize or be only for children’s desires, sometimes cartoons can also have a big impact on not only children, but for adults who run our country and who live in the United States which of course does not only imply to children. Comic strips as well as cartoons have always been something that anyone could enjoy, but at the same time cartoons can send a big message to its audience. It can give a positive, warning, negative, informational, message, etc. This in fact can make people realize new information. For example, cartoons are made by artists who only focus on politics which can include non-fictional or fictional characters. It can give out a message saying how much the Unites States is in debt, how our economy is, or humor about what the artist thinks about a certain topic or phrase. Not only that, but it can have irony, simile, metaphor, etc. Comic strips can have such a big impact that it can involve how the United States debt keeps going up, but instead of it being paid off, the president decides to waste money on many unnecessary things. These kinds of comic strips can have an impact and make people think what needs to be changed. Not only that, but people are already in poverty which means that if taxes were to go up, it could help bring the debt down, but since there are many people who don 't have the money, it is in fact difficult. Needless to say, it was off to a great start, but then it went downhill starting in 1982.

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