Essay On Corporal Punishment

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Corporal punishment, or the act of hitting a child as punishment, has been a topic of debate for many decades now and even though media and most of the country frown upon it, it is still legal in all 50 states. So why is Corporal Punishment still legal? Well, According to the Massachusetts Supreme judicial court, as long as the hitting is “light”, meant to safeguard the child’s well being, and causes no harm, then it's deemed acceptable. While many parents have accepted this outcome that does not mean the supreme court is correct. GPO.GOV shows a multitude of supreme court cases that were overturned; therefore, the supreme court is not a credible source for moral standpoints. So the question stands; Should corporal punishment be illegal? …show more content…

A child who receives physical punishment will believe that hitting is an effective form of problem-solving; in consequence, the child will learn to become violent. From the point of view of the average person, the harm caused by spanking will go away quickly, but that is wrong; the effects of spanking can do an outrageous amount of harm internally. According to Dartmouth.EDU, “Several important nerves from the sacral plexus either supply or traverse the gluteal region”; Which are the Superior Gluteal Nerve and the Sciatic Nerve, which is the largest nerve in the body. These nerves are very important as well as be very vulnerable to damage. The effects of the permanent damage done to these nerves far outweigh the disciplinary uses of spanking. According to, damage to nerves can create motor problems; Such as, weak muscles, loss of balance, and difficulty to do simple actions. Another popular to hit area is the hands. According to, the hands have no underlying protective tissue, which makes the ligaments, nerves, and blood vessels highly vulnerable. A defense of corporal punishment could be that a person could just avoid hitting these areas, except that is immediately rebutted by the fact that nerves are all over the body. Although a parent’s goal in using corporal punishment is to teach a child morals, that is not what actually happens. When a child’s only consequence for doing

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