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Criminal Law in the United States Federal law is that which is created at the national level and hence applies to all states, the District of Columbia and other United States’ territories while state law applies in specific states where is enacted. Federal law is founded on the U.S. Constitution which establishes powers of the government, its responsibility and basic rights enjoyed by every citizen. On the other hand, state law applies to residents, visitors and business entities within each particular state. When part of the state law directly conflicts provisions of the federal law, federal law prevails. However, even though state law is allowed to afford more rights to its residents, it cannot restrict or reduce rights of the U.S. …show more content…

However, the federal marijuana laws are generally applicable against people who cultivate, possess or even distribute huge amounts of cannabis. Therefore, under the federal law, cannabis is handled similar to all other controlled substances such as heroin and cocaine. Violation of federal marijuana law calls for steep punishment for persons found guilty. Federal sentencing consider amount of marijuana as well as the past convictions of the involved person. Even though not every cannabis conviction require jail time, they are all eligible for an imprisonment. The enforcement priorities in federal marijuana law are based on stipulated guidelines which do not consider medical cannabis programs. These guidelines include prevention of distributing cannabis to minors, prevention of gaining revenue from marijuana cartels, prevention of transferring marijuana from states where it is legalized to other states, prevention of drugged driving or violence and control of marijuana usage to cover up other illegal activities in federal level. The criminal statutes of Ohio State identify broad types of conducts that are considered illegal and hence punishable by imprisonment, fines or other sanctions. Ohio criminal law include statutes that prohibit battery and assault, domestic violence, child pornography, and possession of marijuana, among other crimes (Ohio

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