Essay On Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is defined as the repeated use of technology to harass, humiliate, and threaten others. Cyberbullying has become the new way to bully others because teenagers have access to their social media, cell phones, and internet anywhere and at any time. Even though traditional bullying has occurred for years, researchers and school officials are still searching for solutions to solve the new form of bullying known as cyberbullying. Since cyberbullying is anonymous a solution to the problem is harder to find and the bullies do not have to pay for their actions because they never get caught. In many ways, cyberbullying is worse than traditional bullying because cyberbullying infiltrates every part of a victim's life and can cause …show more content…

In contrast, twelve percent said that they have experienced or taken part in traditional bullying; however, of those at least ninety-five percent said it was meant to be a joke (Duverge). Cyberbullying is affecting more people each day and is becoming even more vicious the longer researchers are trying to find a solution. One-third to one-half of teenagers have been targeted or been a victim of cyberbullying. Teenagers involved have experienced everything from a decline in academic performance all the way to committing suicide (Holladay, pg. 5). Although traditional bullying is slowing down because of the increase in cyberbullying, some teenagers still resort to bullying each other face-to-face. Studies show that boys are more likely to bully in person; however, girls are more likely to bully online. Girls use labels such as slut, whore, etc. during their cyberbullying attacks while boys mostly make fun of each other's appearances and accuse one another of being gay or too fashionable (Holladay, pg.6). A majority of cyberbullying begins when one person's desire for confidence and/or power becomes too strong.
Not only can cyberbullying be done 24/7 and can be done anywhere but everything a teen does is now done online. The content an individual shares online- including personal, negative, mean or hurtful content-creates a permanent record of their views, activities, and behaviors ( “What is Cyberbullying”). Social media is

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