Essay On Debriefing

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Purpose of Study
The focus of study will be to determine if having a trained nurse educator conducting debriefing will improve student-learning outcomes. The literature notes that, a gap exists regarding training in debriefing (Fey, Scrandis, Daniels & Haut, 2014). It is imperative that a standardized method for conducting debriefing be developed so that consistent debriefing techniques are used. In turn, this will ensure that learning takes place amongst students (Wicker, 2010). Thus, debriefing plays a significant role in today’s school of nursing with simulation-based training to help nursing students who are entering the profession better prepared to meet today’s healthcare challenges (Fey, et al., 2014).
Population and Sample
A population is the entire populace in which a researcher is interested (Polit & Beck, 2012). In quantitative research, the researcher seeks to select samples that will them help them generalize their results to broader groups (Frankfort-Nachmias, et al., 2015). The population to be studied are nursing students enrolled in the …show more content…

The sample arises due to the inability of the researcher to test all participants in a given population. It is important for the researcher to ensure that the sample is representative of the population they want to test. It is also important that the sample to study must have an adequate size to warrant statistical analysis. The purpose of the sample is to allow the researcher to be able to develop conclusions that which can be applied to the population studied. The desired sample size was determined and confirmed by using statistical power analysis. Using the recommendations provided by Burkholder (n.d.), the alpha and or significance level will be set at p=0.05 and a power of 80%. Based on this, 64 total participants is estimated. The groups will be divided groups of 32 members of each for a medium effect size of 0.50 and a power of

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